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LTech Pro is a leading Blazor development company that provides Blazor solutions for enterprises of all shapes and sizes. We have been a prominent service provider in the digital development domain. Our team takes pride in our services since we have had extensive experience in the domain.

Our Blazor Services

Blazor Application Development

LTech Pro has been a popular name when it comes to the development of intuitive apps. We design & develop applications that are visually appealing & offer a great user experience. Our apps stand out from other regarding intuitiveness, responsiveness, and scalability.

Blazor Migration

If you are looking to take up Blazor instead of your existing system, then LTech Pro is the right place for you to start. We provide effortless migration of the existing system to Blazor while ensuring a smooth transition. In the process, we take extra care that the functions are not disrupted.

Blazor Integration

We all love it if the performance of our websites/applications exceeds our expectations. Our team of Blazor professionals at LTech Pro ensures that with Blazor integration, efficiency and scalability are enhanced significantly.

Blazor Custom Solutions

Applications are received well if they are tailor-made according to the user’s preferences. LTech Pro believes in the development of bespoke applications. We develop custom digital solutions that not only help your business succeed, it also enhance your digital presence.

Benefits of using Blazor

Blazor is a Microsoft product that works with the development of a client-side user interface. Using Blazor, it has become possible to develop a user interface by leveraging C#, CSS, and other tools without JavaScript.

  •  Free and Open Source

    Blazor is a free and open-source web framework to develop web applications and websites using C# and HTML. There are five editions of blazor Blazor Server, Blazor Web Assembly, Blazor PWA, Blazor Hybrid and Blazor Native.

  •  Compatibility

    Blazor is officially supported by major browsers including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. It supports both web and mobile versions of browsers.

  •  JavaScript Interoperability

    Blazor app allows to invoke JavaScript functions from .NET as well as ASP.NET to JavaScript functions. The developers can use C3 code to call JavaScript function or API and vice versa.

  •  Blazor Web Assembly

    Blazor web assembly is a client-side hosting model which allows app to be executed directly on the browser. This means blazor runs in the browser and it doesn't need a constant connect with a server.

  •  Blazor Server

    Applications based on blazor server executes on the server inside the ASP.NET core. Blazor server incorporates SignalR to communicate with HTML. This allows the application to load faster because HTML content is pre-rendered.

Benefits of using Blazor

Looking to Blazor services for your business? LTech Pro is the name you should choose. Contact us today.

Hire Blazor Developers at LTech Pro

We take pride in having a very strong experienced team of Blazor developers that you can trust. We provide the following engagement and hiring models at LTech Pro to avail flexible options for our clients’ projects. With all the hiring models, we have developed a transparent communication policy. At any point of time during the development process, you can contact any of our professionals. We believe in gaining client trust and satisfaction as far as possible. At LTech Pro, we encourage transparent communication within the team and with the clients as well.


We divide your project development process into the number of hours required for project completion. Come to us and discuss your project scope to define the cost estimate.

Fixed Price

As per the project complexity, we define a fixed project model that involves the development, testing, and maintenance of the solutions. The period for which you hire the team depends on the project requirements.

Dedicated Team

We offer a dedicated team hiring model where we allocate an entire team for your project. With this model, the minimum engagement period is one month.

LTech Pro is a Microsoft Gold Partner company that has been serving clients for 4 years now. We have been a leading Blazor Development company based in Saudi Arabia. Our experienced professionals hail from a strong development background to enhance the development process. We also take care that our professionals are abreast with the latest trends in the development domains

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