Video Smart Door Lock

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Ltech Pro Product

Video Smart Door Lock

Innovatively featuring an HD camera built in bezel-less design with stylish finish and an emphasis on ergonomics

LifeSmart Video Smart Door Lock defines a new generation of door locks by innovatively featuring an HD camera built-in a bezel-less design with a stylish finish and an emphasis on ergonomics. This Video Smart Door Lock is your home guardian, a real-time surveillance device. It is not only built as a standard door lock but also a real-time surveillance device. Through the camera on the door lock, you can monitor a live vision outside your door on your mobile device anywhere and anytime. It reads your fingerprint, password, NFC card, the key to verify your ID home. The fingerprint scanner is equipped with leading RF fingerprinting technology to ensure higher accuracy and faster response speed. Connect the smart door lock with the LifeSmart Smart Home system, and it creates more possibilities to make your home safer and smarter.
Smart Door Lock Installation Guide



  • Detect break-in and entrance attempts

  • iF World Design Award

  • Multiple access

  • Video intercom

Product Specifications

Model Number LS099GS
Operating Temperature -30~60°C
Operating Humidity 20~90%
Button Fingerprint button, Keyboard, Reset button, Code matching button, Doorbell button, Door lock safety knob, Back cover open button
Screen LED display
Power Supply 8 AA alkaline batteries, 12V
Lock Case Grade Super-B anti-theft lock case
Lock Body Size 24*240 Square lock body (standard), 30*240 Round lock body (optional), 388 series overlord lock (optional)
Lock Body Size 24*240 Square lock body (standard), 30*240 Round lock body (optional), 388 series overlord lock (optional)
Color Gold / Silver
Dimension 385*75*33mm
Weight 4175g
Casing Glass panel,zinc alloy