Tubular Motor

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Ltech Pro Product

Tubular Motor

Tubular Motor

Integrate the roller blinds into your smart home system.



  • Accurate control by percentage

  • One tap to control the whole shading system

  • Quiet motor with operating sound below 40dB

  • Scheduled task

Product Specifications

Model Number WSER40Q-8/23 / WSER40Q-8/19
Operating Temperature -5~45℃
Operating Humidity 5~90%
Power Consumption 103W (for WSER40Q-8/23) / 121W (for WSER40Q-8/19)
Button Pairing button
Power Supply AC 120V, 0.88A (for WSER40Q-8/23) / AC 230V, 0.53A (for WSER40Q-8/19)
Ingress Protection IP44
Maximum Overload 10Kg
Output Speed 23 rpm (for WSER40Q-8/23) / 19 rpm (for WSER40Q-8/19)
Rated Torque 8 N.m
Power Cable Length 125cm
Color White
Dimension φ39*555mm
Weight 1.34Kg
Casing Steel
Radio Protocol CoSS
Signal Range (Open Field) 200m