Starry Switch (2 way)

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Ltech Pro Product

Starry Switch (2 way)

Independent power supply, perfect solution for live only wiring

Lifesmart Starry Switch adopts extremely low power consumption technology, works independently without external power. It supports single live line, null and live line, and low direct current and can be used as a passive switch. It eliminates the flicker when a traditional single live line switch is connected to an ow power light bulb, providing an easy solution for installation and use. Lifesmart Starry Switch also supports two-way communication and mobile control. You can manage it through our app whenever and wherever. It can be paired with other smart devices such as Cube Motion Sensor and Cube Door/Window Sensor to trigger Smart Scenes like light on when you come home and lights o when you leave the house.
Preparing and installing the smart light switch



  • No flicker, safe and stable

  • No need for external wiring Dual control, multiple control

  • Human engineering design for comfortable touching

Product Specifications

Model Number LS186WH/BL/GD/GR
Operating Temperature -5~45℃
Operating Humidity 5~90%
Power Consumption Static Consumption : <1mW
Power Supply DC 5V-30V Or AC 90-250V
Battery ER18505M(substitute:CR17505orER17505)
Battery Life 5 years
Control Unit 16A magnetic latching relay
Maximum Overload Resistive load: 500W per channel Inductive/Capacitive load:200W per channel DC load: 30V/5A
Color White / Black / Golden / Grey
Dimension 86*86*39mm
Weight 135g
Casing ABS
Radio Protocol CoSS
Signal Range (Open Field) 200m