Robotic Process Automation

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation. RPA is generally used in places where certain tasks need to be repeated every day. Therefore, RPA has brought in a new revolution by introducing automation in various sections of the industry. LTech Pro develops custom RPA solutions for your business. We are the leading RPA development company in Saudi Arabia and provide tailor-made bots to automate your business operations.

Our RPA Services

We offer various RPA solutions according to the market standards and your requirements. Following are the solutions that we provide:

RPA Consulting

We provide consultation regarding the entire RPA development and implementation process. If you don’t know whether you have a requirement for RPA, but need automation, book a consultation with us. We will help you analyze your internal process to see if you need RPA implementation to enhance these processes.

Custom Bot Development

Ltech Pro having experienced RPA developers, we can help you develop a custom bot to automate and streamline your business process. Our professional experts will build and deploy a custom bot that aligns with your organizational requirements to eliminate routine, repetitive and high-volume tasks.

Automation Design

Before we develop a bot for your processes, it is important for us to design the direction of the workflow that your organization has. Therefore, our Robotic Process Automation team at LTechPro studies and analyzes the workflow that needs a bot implementation. With that, we design the bot that fits that workflow perfectly to help you achieve tremendous results.

Desktop Automation

Isn't it great that we live in an era where we can teach machines to take up repetitive tasks? Desktop automation is a service we provide that does exactly the same. It has software bots that can be taught by humans. LTech Pro is an important name when it comes to desktop automation.

RPA Managed Services

RPA Managed services enable you to use the implemented solutions in a high-pressure environment. These systems are built to function without problems and errors. LTech Pro offers stellar RPA managed services for all your requirements.

RPA Support and Maintenance

We have got your back even when the RPA is up and running. Our support and maintenance team ensures that your bots function as per the requirements. RPA Support and Managed Services help you manage, maintain and optimize RPA infrastructure.

The RPA Tools We Use

LTech Pro uses the best tools that enable the smooth function of our RPA solutions. These are as below:

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is an enterprise-level RPA Company providing cloud-native, web-based and intelligent RPA solutions across industries. Automation Anywhere offers custom solutions like Discovery bot, IQ bot, RPA Workspace, Bot Insight and AARI. Ltech Pro can help you automate business processes by developing custom automation solutions using the Automation Anywhere platform.



BluePrism provides virtual workforce capacity that is backed by the implementation of the software bots. They automate all the business processes with agility and are also budget-friendly. The bots built using BluePrism are programmed using Java Programming Language. It also offers drag and drops functions to increase the usability of the bot.



UiPath is a well-known RPA tool widely used around the world to build and introduce automation. It is said to be an end-to-end platform for all the RPA solutions that you need. Since it is an open-source platform, anyone can build an RPA bot to offer automation within repetitive daily tasks. Because of reduced human interaction and interruption, the errors are removed to a significant extent.

Rock Solid Partners With

Kentico Gold Partner
Microsoft Gold Partner

As a Microsoft Gold-certified partner, we’ll help your business implement complex Microsoft solutions with ease. Ltech Pro possesses the highest competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies and has best-in-class consultants. Ltech Pro is a leading Kentico Gold Partner offering complete Kentico consultation and development services to businesses. Hire certified Kentico Developers from Ltech Pro.

Confused as to which RPA tools to use? Get a consultation with our team to understand all the tools and help you find the right one.

Our Bot Development Process

Discovery and Planning

Discovery and Planning

We discover the point that requires automation and plan accordingly.

Solution and Design

Solution and Design

After the identification, we offer the solution and design for introducing automation within the organization.

Bot Development

Bot Development

The actual process of developing a bot happens here.



Our professional team tests the ready bot to see if it has errors or bugs.



After its rigorous testing, we implement the bot within your system to start the automation.

Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

In case there is any error or a bug in the bot, LTech Pro stands by you to assist you until the bot functions perfectly.

Industries We Serve

Today, various industries require automation for various reasons. Therefore, we have a clientele that is spread far and wide within various industry sectors


Food and beverage

Travel and Tourism


B2B solutions

B2C solution

Real Estate

Retail & E-Commerce


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