Quick Curtain Motor

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Ltech Pro Product

Quick Curtain Motor

Turn your traditional curtains into smart ones.

DIY curtain bundle, one-stop buy for smart curtain



  • Accurate control by percentage

  • Adjustable track length

  • One tap to control the whole shading system

  • Scheduled task

  • Voice control

Product Specifications

Model Number BCM100D
Operating Temperature -20~85°C
Operating Humidity 0~80%
Power Consumption 40W
Button Coding / Setting button
Power Supply 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
Moving Speed 12cm/s
Rated Torque 1.2Nm
Power Cable Length 85cm
Track Set Track(1m)* 4, track (0.5m), track(0.2m)*2, track(0.1m), connector(0.2m), connector(0.1m)*5
Color White
Dimension 270*50*50 mm
Weight 5k g
Casing ABS, aluminum