Mobile App Development

In the last few years, mobile phone use has increased manifold. This has led to increased use of mobile apps and a rise in mobile app development. LTech Pro is one of the top mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia. We help you develop apps that are engaging, robust, and secure. Our team uses the latest technology stack to build apps for your dynamic business requirements. We also have an offshore team so that our global clients can also access our expertise.

Our Mobile App Development Services

LTech Pro has been a leading developer for mobile apps in Saudi Arabia and other parts of the world. We offer expertise in the app development domain as below:

Custom Mobile App Development

Customization is the first language at LTech Pro. We always insist on offering customized mobile solutions that function according to the user’s understanding. We develop apps to satisfy user requirements while offering a rich user experience and power-packed performance.

App Technology Consulting

We offer a consultation after listing down your requirements and helping you develop the right app. Our team can help you understand the nitty-gritty of Android as well as iOS mobile apps. As per that understanding, you can select either of the two or both types of development.

Cross-Platform App Development

We all love mobile apps that work on our Android & iPhone mobile devices. Our team generally prefers the development of cross-platform apps. Because the users use the apps on a daily basis for various purposes. Their unavailability on another platform should not hamper their daily activity.

Native App Development

LTech Pro believes strongly in the development of apps that offer native-like performance. Our team uses the latest programming languages and packages to offer the best mobile app that performs like a native app.

Wearable Apps Development

We also develop mobile apps that target wearable devices like smartwatches. Our team develops digital solutions for wearables to ensure that your gadgets are up to date with their performance.

App Integration

The exchange and transfer of data is a normal scenario in today’s world. Therefore, we target mobile application development to enable seamless and smooth data transfer within your devices.

Upgradation and Migration

LTech Pro helps you upgrade your mobile apps so that they can perform optimally. We also help you migrate your app from one platform to another to ensure a smooth transition without data loss and security compromise.

QA and Testing Services

All the apps that we develop at LTech Pro undergo rigorous QA and testing procedures. We ensure that the apps we develop are of the highest quality. With an extensive experience of 17 years, we understand how a mobile app should look and perform.

We Offer Expertise In

We have years of experience and dedicated developers to help you develop custom, scalable and functionality-rich mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. We also develop cross-platform apps using Xamarin and React Native technologies.

Android App Development Services

Android App Development Services

We develop android apps that offer an amazing user experience and beautifully designed interface. We provide end to end android app solutions from design to development to testing and deployment.

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iOS App Development Services

iOS App Development Services

LTech Pro understands the standards that the iOS marketplace has set. And we develop mobile apps that align with those standards. Also, we ensure that the apps thus developed work accurately with iOS platforms.

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Xamarin App Development Services

Xamarin App Development Services

LTech Pro uses Xamarin to develop various mobile apps that work in tandem with your business and client requirements. Using Xamarin, the apps are ready for cross-platform deployment and turn out to be free of bugs & errors.

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ReactNative App Development Services

ReactNative App Development Services

LTech Pro has React Native app development because it has strong community support, hot loading, and enhanced performance. These basic traits ensure that your app continues to function properly throughout its lifetime.

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Rock Solid Partners With

Kentico Gold Partner
Microsoft Gold Partner

As a Microsoft Gold-certified partner, we’ll help your business implement complex Microsoft solutions with ease. Ltech Pro possesses the highest competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies and has best-in-class consultants. Ltech Pro is a leading Kentico Gold Partner offering complete Kentico consultation and development services to businesses. Hire certified Kentico Developers from Ltech Pro.

We all prefer using a mobile app with easy UI and visually appealing design. LTech Pro is an expert in developing such mobile apps. So book your free consultation with us Today!!

Our Development Process

LTech Pro team goes through a list of predefined steps to ensure a high-end resultant mobile app that offers:

  •  Excellent performance

  •  Rich user interface

  •  Stellar user experience

  •  Top class security

LTech Pro has been a popular name just because of our development process. Our team of experienced professionals works hard to put the apps together. We follow an iterative model where we take client feedback and results very seriously. Take a glimpse of how we develop mobile apps for our clients.

Requirements Gathering

Requirements Gathering

Once we encounter a client’s request, we set aside a session just to discuss the client’s requirements. We understand all the things that a client needs in his mobile app. This is an in-depth discussion session to help us understand the client’s expectations clearly.

Scope of the Project & Budget Estimation

Scope of the Project & Budget Estimation

Once the requirement gathering is accomplished, we discuss the scope of the project & cost estimation. We understand the client’s goals with the development and offer the most pocket-friendly budget. Our team defines which components have to be included in the development.

Kickstart the Development Process

Kickstart the Development Process

As the previous phases are over, the project requirement is sent to the LTech Pro development team. We allocate the resources and the tech stack to ensure that the development picks up from the right track. Also, we follow the latest development standards.

Testing the Model and Gathering Feedback

Testing the Model and Gathering Feedback

Once the development is over, we ask the client to review the first draft/blueprint of the project. As he approves, the copy is finalized and goes to the testing section. Here, the testers test the product using rigorous testing methods. We ensure that every moving data is tightly secured and there are no leaks.



After the development and testing come the deployment. We host the product on your company server and make sure that it works perfectly fine. Our professionals deployment team ensures that everything functions according to the client’s specifications within a time-frame.

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and Support

We don’t develop and leave. Our team is known to stay by the clients even after the development and deployment are over. LTech Pro provides various maintenance services to see that your app functions accurately without hiccups.

Industries we serve

In the tenure of 4 years, LTech Pro has served clients from various industry sectors, big and small. But we have served the following domains largely:


Food and beverage

Travel and Tourism


B2B solutions

B2C solution

Real Estate

E-Commerce Website


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