Gas Sensor

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Ltech Pro Product

Gas Sensor

A gas sensor with sound alarm for immediate notifying

LifeSmart Gas Sensor can provide a timely warning when natural gas leaks. It uses industrial-grade sensors for real-time detection and supports remote viewing from mobile phones. Once a gas leak is discovered, LifeSmart Gas Sensor will immediately sound the alarm and push the information to your phone to help you eliminate gas hazards.



  • Built-in sound alarm

  • Multi-type gas detection including methane, natural-gas, and biogas

  • Notifications and record searching via the app

  • Real-time monitoring of your house safety

Product Specifications

Model Number LS086WH
Operating Temperature -5~45℃
Operating Humidity 5~90%
Power Consumption 450mW
Indicator LED
Button Self-checking button, Pairing button
Power Supply DC 5V
Detection Formaldehyde
Color Ivory white
Dimension 71*71*32 mm
Weight 55 g
Casing ABS
Radio Protocol CoSS
Signal Range (Open Field) 200m