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Kentico Online Marketing Essentials

In this interactive e-learning course, you will learn core capabilities and master essential skills for Kentico EMS. You will learn how to set up campaigns, run your email marketing activities, and handle most other common digital marketing tasks.
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Who Should Take this  Course
The course is designed for business users who are responsible for running online marketing activities on their websites as well as users who are interested in introducing online marketing to their web presence. This course is estimated to take 6 hours.
Prerequisites Basic knowledge of content management, such as using the Pages application, is required. Such knowledge can be gained through the course Content Admin Essentials. If you have this knowledge, all you need is a web browser, an Internet connection, and an environment conducive to studying.

You Will Learn After successfully completing this course, you will be able to: -Interpret available web analytics reports
-Manage contacts Segment contacts
-Create personas Implement lead scoring
-Run campaigns
-Create email campaigns and newsletters
-Run A/B tests
- Personalize content
-Design marketing automation processes