Azure is a Microsoft cloud platform that integrates well with an organization that uses purely Microsoft products. LTech Pro leverages the impact of a cloud platform from Microsoft that brings you the right solutions. We take pride in having an expert team that lays out wide experience on the table. All the professionals in the Azure team are certified professionals with extensive experience.

Our Azure Development Services at LTech Pro

We offer a list of development services surrounding Azure to ensure an all-around service provision in Saudi Arabia. They are as follows:

Azure Consulting Services

With our consulting services, We book a session with our clients to assess their business requirements & challenges. After that, we come up with a powerful cloud strategy. Our team targets this strategy towards your organization's infrastructure and tech resources.

Azure Application Development

LTech Pro understands the varying business requirements and changing market trends. That is why we heavily focus on the development of Azure Application that is specific to the organization. We provide customized cloud solutions to help you assess and address the challenges in your arena.

Azure Migration Services

Still working on legacy systems. Does your system need an upgrade? We provide Azure migration solutions that seamlessly upgrade your existing systems. This way, the Azure solution will enhance your operational abilities to achieve the growth that you deserve.

IaaS/PaaS/SaaS Development

We provide automation using our Iaas/PaaS/SaaS Azure development. This automation is available from small-scale businesses to large-scale organizations. Our Azure solutions ensure that as a business, you can reach new audiences and enlarge your footprint in the market.

Azure-IoT Services

Azure enables reliable & secure communication between your IoT devices and allows you to monitor, connect and manage multiple IoT devices. We incorporate Azure IoT cloud-hosting solutions to help you address the IoT challenges and open your business to new opportunities.

Azure Maintenance and Support Services

Cloud computing offers basics benefit like being secure, scalable, & cost-friendly. With our maintenance & support team, your solutions function smoothly, so that you can hack growth. Also, your team can focus on more revenue-generation activities to profit your business in the long run.

Benefits of using Azure

We went through the list of solutions that LTech Pro offers to all the organizations, big and small. Let us see why so many organizations prefer using Azure Cloud.

  •  On the run scalability

    We all understand that business requirements change over the period. Somedays, you must scale up and other days, you need to scale down. To accommodate that, scalability is the biggest concern. Azure cloud addresses this concern with ease. Azure is developed to handle the changing requirements with a lot of efficiency in the process. It adjusts itself according to the business requirements and demands.

  •  Zero hardware requirements on the site

    With Azure cloud, you don’t have to install heavy IT resources within your organization. This also brings down the installation, acquisition, and maintenance costs for a business. With Microsoft Azure cloud, you can effectively manage the costs by placing your IT resources on the cloud.

  •  Economic subscription models

    With Azure cloud, the organizations can effectively manage their IT resources and the costs incurred because of them. This, in turn, brings down the need for the management of IT resources. It also enhances inter-department communication and workflow.

  •  Increased availability

    Microsoft Azure cloud is available for use in about 55 regions around the world. Around 140 countries use the Azure cloud implying that multinational organizations can use the Azure cloud effectively.

  •  Enhanced security

    When you have massive data on the cloud, security is something to be naturally concerned about. Therefore, the Azure cloud offers protection using an advanced encryption process. Additionally, Microsoft data centers offer a two-layer authentication process. They also have proxy card access readers along with biometric scanners.

Benefits of using Azure

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Hire Azure Developers at LTech Pro

With all the hiring models, we have built a transparent communication policy. At any point during the development process, you can contact any of our professionals. We believe in gaining client trust and satisfaction as far as possible. At LTech Pro, we encourage transparent communication within the team and with the clients as well.


We divide your project development process into the number of hours required for project completion. Come to us and discuss your project scope to define the cost estimate.

Fixed Price

As per the project complexity, we define a fixed project model that involves the development, testing, and maintenance of the solutions. The period for which you hire the team depends on the project requirements.

Dedicated Team

We offer a dedicated team hiring model where we allocate an entire team for your project. With this model, the minimum engagement period is one month.

LTech Pro is a Microsoft Gold Partner company that has been serving clients for 4 years now. We have been a leader in the Azure Development domain in Saudi Arabia. Our experienced professionals hail from a strong background in the Azure cloud development domain. This enhances the development process in so many ways. We also take care that our professionals are abreast with the latest trends in the development domain.

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