Top 12 Reasons to Choose Xamarin for Mobile App Development in 2022

March 02 2022 - Ali Mohamed - Mobile

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Ever since Microsoft announced their acquisition of Xamarin, the whole mobile app development company has focused on the term and its incredible benefits. Mobile application development has emerged as a popular alternative among organisations in today's highly competitive marketplace. Choosing the most appropriate app development platform, on the other hand, can only assist businesses in achieving success.

Finding a platform that delivers all of the capabilities you require, especially when working with a limited budget and time frame, can be difficult nowadays. Xamarin developers make it easier to make mobile apps for many different platforms quickly. Xamarin combines the C# programming language with the .NET framework to allow developers to create cross-platform applications.

Xamarin's Primary Advantages in 2022


1. Simple for Programmers To Work With

Xamarin demands the use of a single programming language, C#. It necessitates previous expertise with the .NET framework, which is well-known among developers. Most alternative cross-platform solutions require various programming languages and frameworks, which makes the development process time-consuming for developers.

Furthermore, if new technologies emerge in the future, you will not be required to make significant changes to take advantage of them. Xamarin also provides tools such as cross-platform profiling so that developers can understand what issues are impacting their applications and rectify them as needed.

2. Low-Cost And Fast

Xamarin, when used in combination with a cross-platform UI toolkit, provides a robust foundation for building native mobile applications. In addition, the use of C# as a programming language makes it more advantageous than Objective C or JavaScript. When you use Xamarin to design a business application, the development process is faster.

This is because the developer employs syntax-based headers, saving a significant amount of time. The quicker your app development can be completed, the more cost-effective it becomes.

3. Seamless & Sustainable Maintenance

Mobile app development companies typically provide support and maintenance to ensure that the app remains current and functional. Apps created using Xamarin are simple to maintain because the platform allows for sharing source code amongst developers. You can do updates, modifications, or repairs to the source code automatically to all operating systems.

This saves time and money by lowering the time spent developing the product. Xamarin offers a strong community that provides excellent customer support, comprehensive documentation, and possibilities for training.

4. Time-to-market is Accelerated with Agile Methods

It is necessary to code in Java for Android and Objective C for iOS to achieve cross-platform compatibility. Xamarin requires only a single coding logic creation and allows Xamarin developer to reuse that logic across both Android and iOS platforms. This saves time and allows for the release of quick updates or the creation of an MVP. User experience is improved as a result of reduced development time and costs.

5. Native User Experience

Making mobile apps that look and feel like they were designed for native users is achievable using the Xamarin platform. It has direct access to the APIs used by the iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems without any complications. It distributes native iOS apps through the app store's native app bundles, and it distributes Android apps through the Google Play store's Android packages.

Visual Studio and C# both have platform-specific technology and pieces, making it possible to achieve nativeness. It is possible to create a platform-specific solution by merging the many components in one place.

6. Native UI Toolkit Support

iOS compatibility is unmatched by other cross-platform development platforms, making Xamarin an obvious choice for iOS developers. Xamarin is the most feature-rich cross-platform framework available, offering more than any other. This enables Xamarin developers to use their existing skills and knowledge base to create new services for customers.

Additionally, they will benefit from a native user experience on Apple devices. This means that your application will deliver a high-quality user experience regardless of the device being used by your customers.

7. There are Fewer Issues with Hardware Compatibility

Numerous APIs and plugins are included in the Xamarin toolkit for cross-platform app development that allows developers to interface with the physical device on an entirely new level. Additionally, the toolkits ensure no incompatibilities when developing Xamarin applications.

8. Flexible Integration

Using identical APIs and user interface controls, Xamarin allows for more flexible interaction while developing a cross-platform application. It also supports various programming languages for developing platform-specific applications, including Objective C, Java, and Swift. Users can easily add new features while opening the operating system on any device because of the flexibility of this integration.

9. Open Source

It is an open-source platform with a 14 percent market share in the development community, according to Xamarin. Xamarin's primary goal is to keep platform-specific code and platform-specific code communicating. You are already aware of the advantages of being backed by Microsoft, well-known for its dominance in the technology sector, which makes customised app development more scalable, usable, and trustworthy.

10. Support

Real-time multiplayer, cloud storage, offline functionality, and third-party social integrations are prominent features. Even at its core, Xamarin lets developers build on skills they already have instead of learning new ones, so they don't have to learn new ones. C# and Visual Basic, together with technologies they're already familiar with, allow them to build mobile apps for platforms that typically require understanding entirely new programming languages and frameworks from the ground up.

11. Easy Testing

Testing is one of the essential procedures to perform when developing successful business apps. The final product will be presented to the end-users, and there will be no turning back once it has been delivered. Many flaws and defects are found during the development process, which is made more difficult when working across many platforms.

Test Xamarin, Xamarin's cloud-based app testing service, makes it easier for testers to get their work done more efficiently and timely.

12. Distribution & Collaboration

App developers from all over the world may join in and collaborate on a project without having to start from scratch, thanks to Xamarin's global collaboration platform. The Xamarin Component store makes it easy to access frequently used UI components, beautiful themes, layouts, cloud services, and more.

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Xamarin's Popularity as a Development Platform for Mobile Apps

The use of Xamarin application development for distinctive business apps has increased dramatically over the past decade. Kimberly Clark and Honeywell are just a few well-known companies that have benefited from Xamarin's business mobility and digital assets.

Xamarin improves app development's function because it can make the .NET developer platform even more powerful by adding tools and frameworks that work on any platform instead of just the.NET platform itself. For this reason, Xamarin is being referred to as the "next big thing" in mobile app development.

Bottom Line

To get an edge in the digital world, it's critical to pick the proper foundation for your digital experiences. For organisations wishing to develop multi platform applications in the year 2022, Xamarin is the ideal option. It has numerous advantages over other cross-platform development frameworks, and as such, it is the best choice.

Many firms are migrating to Xamarin for their mobile app development company needs, and it's no surprise that they are doing so because of the incredible range of capabilities available. It provides several advantages over competing platforms, particularly those using cross-platform or hybrid development techniques.

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