What Makes ReactJS So Popular in Web App Development?

April 05 2022 - Ali Mohamed - Web

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ReactJS is one of the most important Java Script component libraries used for building Web Development products. It was first developed by a person called Jordan Walke in 2011 and since then it has captured the heart and mind of many developers working in the Web Development domain.

ReactJS commonly known as React is used for building front end web applications like scroll bars, tabs, menu searches, and many other options. It is a highly interactive option for developers to build good-looking front-end web applications.

ReactJS also gives developers the flexibility of low development time and enhanced mobility to build a web applications or mobile apps.

According to Stack Overflow, ReactJS is the most loved angular framework with 40.14% of developers voting for it while ASP.NET ranks 5th with a voting percentage of 15.74%. Also, the voting percentage of Angular JS is 11.49% and it ranks last among all the frameworks listed below. The below diagram shows the same which has been taken from the Stack Overflow website.    

  React.JS    40.14% 
   Vue.JS    18.97%
   Express    23.82%
   Spring    14.54%
    Asp.net    15.74% 
    Django    14.99%
    Flask    16.14%
    Laravel    10.12%
    Angular JS    11.49%

So, in this article, we are going to look at the most common reason why ReactJS is so popular among all the frameworks that are developed. 

Why Choose ReactJS Framework in Web App Development

1) Performance- ReactJS was developed keeping in mind its high-performance behavior. It makes complex applications run very fast within the flick of an eye and makes server-side rendering which helps in building web apps as well as mobile apps with ease and comfort. 

2) Easy to Learn- As compared to other web development frameworks, ReactJS is easy to learn as compared to Express and Spring. It helps businesses make more productivity by making web and mobile applications more easily. Human beings always tend to avoid things that are difficult to learn. So, ReactJS being so easy to learn is grabbing many developers’ attention and they are working towards learning it to develop more and more web applications with greater precision and accuracy. 

3) Helps to build rich UI(User Interface)- In today’s world, the role of a User Interface plays an important role in a web or a mobile application. If the front end is not accurate then the back end gets affected and vice versa. In this case, ReactJS plays an important role. Developers having knowledge of front end can create the UI quite easily and the web application runs smoothly without any disturbance. 

4) Allows writing custom components- ReactJS comes with JSX, an optional syntax extension, which helps developers write and implement their custom components. The most useful application of this JSX is that it accepts HTML rendering which helps developers build code very efficiently. It is also used for converting HTML code into ReactElement trees.  

5) Uplifts Developers’ Productivity- Whenever there are numerous frequent updates, and the application is complex it generally turns into a headache for the developer. Facebook has come into the picture because of this and developed ReactJS which can be used for component reusability features. The process is very simple, developers can build text boxes, buttons and checkboxes and move them into wrapper conditions, which are finally moved forward into the root component. Each component in React has its own internal logic which in turn increases the productivity of the developer and provides better code maintenance and code. 

6) Offers fast rendering- As mentioned earlier, HTML offers fast rendering. In this current world, if the rendering is slow it makes the development of the application very slow and gives the developer a headache. There is a DOM feature in ReactJS which is in a tree structure. So, a change in the upper level can gravely impact the entire tree like structure. For this, Facebook has introduced a new feature in ReactJS that can impact only the upper or lower part of the tree as changed by the developer. 

7) SEO Friendly- Search engine optimization is one of the most important factors in any web development application. ReactJS because its only feature ranks first in search engine optimization and it can be found on google with ease without any hassle. So, this is another feature of ReactJS which makes it a popular tool for Web Development for developers. 

8) Useful Developer Toolset- Learning new emerging technologies can be both fun and challenging at the same time, provided the learning tools and the path is correct. For this reason, only, Facebook has added the React development tool and chrome development tool for the ease of developers developing the complex web application. The Development tools basically help developers to identify parent and child hierarchies and help the developer build and write challenging code for complex web applications. 

9) Strong Community Support- With so many new features in ReactJS it has gained much importance in the current scenario and it has been a favorite feature for many developers. There is numerous React JS development company in Saudi Arabia. It is also very easy to hire React JS Developers. ReactJS also has a significant number of stars on the coding platform GitHub and has attained a huge number of followers on Twitter. Also, there are numerous coding sites that offers free solutions to developers in case they are stuck with anything on ReactJS. 

10) Offers better code stability- Whenever there is a change in the child structure the traditional frameworks used to affect the parent structure. However, ReactJS being a flexible framework does not change the parent structure. Because of this, it offers better code stability and smooth performance of the web application. Also, there are many CEOs and Directors that hire React JS software development company professionals. 

11) Testing and Functionality- ReactJS not only offers a flexible framework for web development but the testing is quite easy and well built. It is used to design a function that is completely tested free and helps in building and testing web applications very easily. 


Question: What is the most important feature of ReactJS that makes it so popular in Web Development?
Answer: ReactJS is a user-friendly framework that helps in web development. There are many features such as it is user friendly, has flexible code development platforms, has SEO guidelines. Also, it has HTML rendering which is one of the most important features that makes it user friendly and improves the productivity of the developer. 

Question: How is the testing functionality of the ReactJS framework?
Answer: ReactJS offers smooth testing functionality and changes to the child hierarchy do not have any effect on the parent hierarchy. 

Question: Can ReactJS support complex components?
Answer: ReactJS can support complex components. It has HTML rendering which makes it develop UI very easily and the smooth front-end application leads to a very productive web or a mobile application.
Question: Can ReactJS run on iOS platform?
Answer: ReactJS can run both on Android as well as iOS platforms. 


In this article, we come across numerous reasons why ReactJS is so popular for web development among developers. There are numerous ReactJS development companies in the USA using ReactJS as the only software for developing web applications. They also hire ReactJS developer having knowledge in front end like HTML and backend applications like JavaScript. Also, top executives hire ReactJS software development company resources to work on various client projects and gather more experience and develop web and mobile applications with comfort and efficiency. 

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