Kentico 13: Why Should You Upgrade?

January 06 2022 - Ali Mohamed - CMS

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Streamlining and automating workflows can save digital marketers a lot of time. This time can instead be spent on doing meaningful work. But as opposed to this, websites are dealing with an insane amount of traffic and are bogged down with the higher than ever data flow. The only way to get ahead of this issue is by hopping onto the latest installment by Kentico CMS solutions. Kentico Xperience 13 is designed based on two pillars, namely freedom and performance. 

It splits the roles of digital marketers and developers, offering them both liberty and performance on an agile and nimble platform. Kentico Xperience 13 has been out for a while now, and it would be logical to upgrade. However, if you are still lingering around making the decision, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will walk through why upgrading to Kentico Xperience 13 would be the right choice. 

Why upgrading to Kentico Xperience 13 is the right choice? 

1. ASP.Net Core MVC Framework

Kentico's Xperience has been built on the foundation of Microsoft's open-source, cloud-ready ASP.Net Core MVC framework. It is one of the first digital platforms to switch to the new MVC framework. MVC completely revolutionizes the way Kentico websites are built. The introduction of a much lighter platform makes it easier to code on. Even debugging and platform maintenance is much more simplified. 

A clear wedge has been drawn between the front-end public-facing website and the backend content admin interface. Therefore, marketers and developers experience freedom and accessibility alike. The front end can load only the content and libraries it needs, resulting in a much lighter website. A lightweight website automatically equals higher performance, which is now much more possible with Kentico Xperience 13. 

2. Improved Marketing Automation 

The marketing automation module has undergone a complete overhaul from cosmetic changes to functionality changes with the new update brought by Kentico Xperience 13. Without losing track of the other steps, you can now easily configure steps within the marketing workflow. Another exciting change is the addition of sticky notes. Providing feedback is easier since these notes can be placed next to workflow steps. 

Also, the new update entails an increased efficiency in the marketer's job. An entire workflow can be saved as a template for future use, and the steps can now be copied and reused. The introduction of a time-based trigger determines when the workflow must be activated. Marketers can now automate their workflows with built-in analytics to improve performance and communication. Last but not least, the entire journey of the visitor is displayed in the form of reports. 

3. Content First Development

The first point of contact between you and a potential customer is usually your brand's content. Hence, it is the driving force for your website. Kentico Xperience 13 offers a content-first approach. You can plan out your content even before you approach design and layout. In addition, point and click tools have simplified content modeling for developers. Developers can now easily create, edit, and manage content before serving it to the APIs. 

But Kentico CMS solutions haven't strayed too far from the traditional content management systems. Content entry and data management are similar to the conventional CMS model. The main focus is the content, and the rest of the website is designed around it. Since users focus more on content, higher conversion rates can be achieved since the website will gain traction and experience a hike in attention. 

4. Content Tree-Based Routing

Automatically generating URLs for pages on the content tree is now possible with Kentico Xperience 13. This new feature is called content tree-based routing. You can now display these pages within the MVC without dealing with the technicalities behind it.

Moreover, this functionality can be toggled on by a setting. This is done to provide support to existing custom implementations of routing. Xperience 13 offers backward compatibility to all these previous generation routing implementations. Other benefits of content tree-based routing include,

•    The URL's format and behavior can now be controlled with a setting. 
•    Ability to store former URLs when content is being moved. 
•    Automatic reflection of page permissions on live site. 

5. Reusable Content 

The Kentico community has been asking for this feature now, and Kentico CMS solutions have heard them. Linked items are back, and they are back for good. This gives you the ability to create a content item in multiple places in the content tree. There are two ways the system allows you to connect and reuse pages. They are. 

•    Fields using other pages - links to other existing pages can easily be stored in page fields of a specific type. 
•    Named relationships - pages can now be connected using pre-defined relationships. 

6. Stay Up to Date

Kentico Xperience 13 has been rolling out constant software updates to keep the customers supported and satisfied. Staying up to date with the software will enable users to take complete advantage of the latest innovations released in the new update. These updates encompass major updates, or simply security patches, hotfixes, or decent and quick replies to the question you have sent the Kentico consulting services via email. 

The Kentico consulting services are very responsive and provide insightful and logical solutions to any problem you might be facing. Keeping your Kentico up to date is advisable to reduce the risk of a security breach and enjoy the high-quality services and innovation brought along by the new update. 

7. New Page Builder Components

Page builder components make content management a lot easier for non-technical users. They can now use configurable widgets made by developers to sort out their content management without breaking a sweat. Users can also opt for pre-designed page templates to create new pages quickly. 

A powerful drag and drop solution helps you maintain the visual composition of your page. Rich text widget, URL selector, and attachment selector are only some of the new additions that have been made to Kentico Xperience 13. 

8. Improved User-Interface 

New logos and names have been introduced in the new Kentico Xperience update. In addition, the Kentico CMS solutions team has brought about a completely new look to the user interface. A complete revamp of the interface lets you easily identify the version of Kentico's Xperience you are currently working on. It is also visual confirmation that your current version of the Kentico CMS application is up to date.

Final Verdict

This article has covered every reason you need to convince yourself to switch to Kentico Xperience 13 if you already haven't. Kentico CMS solutions have brought about revolutionary changes that completely change how you work on a CMS platform and for the better. It is still connected to its roots, so users don't have to learn the software's functionality from the ground up. All in all, Kentico Xperience 13 is the way to go!

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