11 Reasons Why IoT is a Prominent Android App Development Trend in 2022

May 31 2022 - Hadeyah Ali - Mobile

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Among various operating systems in the market, like Windows, iOS, and Android, the Android operating system is favored by billions of users compared to others as it has the simplest OS. The popularity of Android is that it is a free and open-source mobile operating system.

These days, the mobile app development industry is seeing a paradigm shift due to Android application development functionality.

All thanks to modern technologies, and the IoT is one of them!

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The Internet of things has shaped the development process by enhancing developers' knowledge and customer experience. In this blog, let's get into details regarding IoT mobile app development and understand why you should invest in these services.

What Is the Internet Of Things?

The Internet of things or interconnected devices is nothing but a process to connect devices through the Internet. IoT mostly connects everything that has internet access. It has the power to share data over a shared network without human intervention. With the help of IoT, mobile applications are doing wonders. Thus, developers are taking advantage of giving a mobile app that is interactive yet entertaining.

Why use the Internet of things in mobile app development?

IoT app development has seen a drastic change in recent years, thanks to smart homes and cities. Mobile devices can interact with IoT devices in an IoT setting. Smartphones now have contemporary apps and sensors to generate a large amount of information about the user. 

You can also use your smartphone to track your device's location, electricity, condition, and light levels because these gadgets have Bluetooth, NFC, and WIFI features that enable mobile device communication. 

For businesses, now is the time to invest in Android-based IoT apps. Thus, they must look forward to hiring android app developers who can develop smart android apps for your business. 

The mobile interfaces uses can use IoT for:

  • Healthcare
  • Automobiles
  • Child and pet care
  • Agriculture

How does IoT affect mobile app development?

IoT in mobile app development is mainly used in day-to-day problems. It has a powerful impact on how people live by making their lives comfortable. To develop IoT-like apps, developers must be skilled because it is a complex technology and hard to secure.

How to take take care of security?

Security must be on priority for your IoT app. Unfortunately, because various connected devices use the same network, IoT technology is prone to data theft. 

IoT is typically used in cars, homes, and healthcare devices; these invasions can reveal sensitive data. Thus, developers must use secure tools while developing an internet of things app.

Pointers for ensuring the security of your IoT app

Consider network attacks and physical attacks

Data stored on a device should be encrypted and physically shielded to make sure the storage is challenging to vacate.

Use secure networks

Data sent between your app and devices via a server or the cloud should be encrypted.

Use best app security practices

To ensure that your IoT app and devices are used securely by authorized users, use two-factor authentication, encryption, and other techniques.

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Why is IoT the new thing in 2022 for android app development?

Businesses around the globe use mobile app development frameworks. This has increased the usefulness and usability of mobile devices. Mobile apps provide access to various services.

Businesses understand the value of grabbing users' attention with engaging and entertaining mobile apps. There are numerous advantages that IoT-enabled mobile apps offer to enable businesses to serve their purposes at an optimal level. The benefits are as follows:

Open Source Development

Since the advent of open-source development, app developers have been able to share software digitally. Therefore, developers can access IoT application development services that include mobile application frameworks to develop an application easily.

Enhanced Flexibility

Mobile apps have become flexible these days as you can use the app offline without any need for the Internet for limited purposes. Thus, mobile phones can access apps from any location to monitor and control devices through the Internet.

Human Effort is Decreased

IoT services enable interactivity between connected devices. App development no longer requires additional effort as IoT has come up with many features that make mobile apps compatible.


Smart IoT-based devices are easily controlled remotely from any location around the globe. You can regulate the IoT network from anywhere, even from afar. This is an exceptional technique for extracting location reliance.


Networking is likely to be one of the most significant trends in the years to come. In the era of IoT application development, devices don't need Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or traditional cellular networks to connect. Mobile app developers must predict how their applications will interact with IoT. This is why these applications require gateway integration. Developers designed this concept because IoT app development technology is complicated and needs specific connections.

Social Media Integration

IoT mobile apps are easily integrated with social media platforms to let you instantly connect with business partners, employees, and customers regardless of their location.


IoT is an ideal way to strengthen brand identity while lowering the cost of developing mobile apps. App developers can use IoT to combine diverse elements at a low cost because it enhances the app's appeal and offers room for invention.

Brand Promotion

IoT applications let business advertise their business by influencing their target market and giving them access to explore their product or services. A mobile IoT-based application enables its users to try out services or products before purchasing, letting businesses gain new customers.

Real-Time Notifications

Besides controlling Iot devices, mobile apps are rich in features like real-time notifications and device-based functionalities for sending updates in a real-time to users on the IoT network.

Niche Market

Android app development is gradually moving towards IoT development, and now is the time to build flexible products for any simulated or physical device.The main motive is a shift from mobile functions to device functions. To develop an app that users can employ smoothly in the physical and digital worlds, mobile app developers need to understand this evolving technology, specifically smart connected things.

Security Improvements

Data security becomes a concern when connecting numerous devices to the IoT environment and using various operating systems. Thus, the Internet of Things aims for security, and many businesses rely on IoT app development services to complete their tasks. Therefore, It is critical to comprehend a new set of security standards to avoid troubles caused by connected devices because IoT shields app code and data storage.


Android Use-Cases in IoT Environment:

1. Sensors

The sensor is used to determine temperature and produces digital signals. Among various domains, say Windows, Android, and iOS, Android is favored because of its open-source nature and can be twisted as per your preference.

2. Data Transfer

Various components supports data transfer like MQTT and XMPP. Android backs these open-source executions, and the libraries are employed on Android, Windows, and Linux platforms.

3. Program

IoT-enabled gadgets require a program to accept and store the data and be used for succeeding analysis.

4. Devices

There is a need for devices and processors that support an IoT ecosystem's components. Majorly, Android has been an inexpensive choice as it can meet all the needs for backing various sensors.

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Cost to develop IoT apps

IoT app development cost will depend upon the complex number of features you want to add to the IoT app. If we talk about a basic app with a lack of extensive features, it will cost you around $40,000. 

While a complex app with features like payment integration, geolocation, synchronization, API integration, data encryption, etc., will cost you around $80,000, the cost will also depend upon the development team's location; developers' hourly rates differ as per the location.

Wrapping up

Android and IoT will be influential in the years to come. However, businesses must adopt iot android apps because IoT adds significant value to our daily lives. Just as intelligent devices are thriving, so is the possibility of IoT in the coming years. 

Various open-source platforms provide multiple tools for the deployment of Iot apps, which will contribute to the progress of IoT development. Thus, studies predict that this trend will lead to a more networked society while businesses hire IoT android developers for their next IoT-based integrated android application.  

Thus, while hiring a development team, make sure they have prior experience in IoT applications by taking a look at their portfolio.


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