How to Develop Food Delivery App in Saudi Arabia?

July 19 2022 - Ali Mohamed - Mobile

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Today, every industry embraces mobile solutions, and the food industry is no exception. Every other restaurant these days is on mobile apps, and those who are not are looking to hire a restaurant mobile app development company to develop one for their food business.

Food is something we cannot live without, and popular apps like UberEATS are popular these days as food orders are the best alternative for restaurants to earn money.

Let's discuss how to develop food delivery app in Saudi Arabia and how much it will cost to make such an app. 

Statistics for Restaurant Mobile Apps

As per Statista, it is anticipated that the international food delivery app will reach US$7.93bn by 2027 at a CGPR of 10.98%. Also, in the online food delivery segment, the number of users is predicted to be 18.8 million by 2027.


Why Create a Food Delivery App?

The growing demand for digitalization in business has led to a boom in restaurant app development in recent years. Additionally, it is anticipated that this expansion will grow faster in the near future. Let's examine some important points for hiring a restaurant app development company.


1) Improved Customer Loyalty

Nowadays, people want better customer experiences. Therefore, you may enhance the user experience and keep them interested for more prolonged periods by developing a reliable single restaurant meal delivery app with help from a mobile app development company.

2) Better Payment Convenience

The restaurant sector is gradually moving away from the days of cash and credit payments. In actuality, non-cash transactions are becoming incredibly prevalent. By offering a variety of payment methods, you give access to make the payment online quickly, which results in higher sales.

3) Location-Based Marketing 

You can significantly enhance your location-based marketing efforts using restaurant app development services. To offer relevant information and ordering services, many companies build food delivery app. Thus, you can begin marketing your services based on their location once you have a sizable customer base.

4) Delivery and Ordering

Most people download restaurant applications to place online orders. For your restaurant's food ordering & delivery system, you can also invest in a reliable restaurant app development solution. Furthermore, you may anticipate increased orders and sales when you offer delivery and takeout choices. In the end, a top mobile application development company can be highly advantageous for your restaurant business.

5) Entertainment Options 

By making your restaurant app enjoyable, you increase the chances of increasing repeat customers. As a result, you can launch personalised products, reward schemes, or even unique goods. All of them can turn out to be worthwhile expenditures in boosting your consumer base and leads.

The Restaurant App Development Process 

The on-demand food delivery app development process is challenging and consists of various steps. Thus, you must hire a mobile app development company to create a food delivery app. Here are the steps required to develop a restaurant app.

1) Market Analysis:

Conducting in-depth market research is the first step toward a single restaurant food delivery app. Before developing an app, you must understand your target audience and how you can solve their problems. Also, it is critical to do competitor analysis to know about the market trend.

2) Define Your App Development Strategy:

The next step is to define the strategy for providing customer value. Know what exactly your customers will use your restaurant app. Thus, you need to define a proper monetization and development strategy for your business with the help of mobile app developers.

Hiring an App Development Team 

In the era of intense competition, creating an app on your own might be challenging. As a result, it makes more sense to work with a mobile app development business with extensive knowledge of developing the best food delivery app in Saudi Arabia for restaurants.

Define Restaurant Apps' Features:

You must carefully outline the features you want in your app after hiring the development team to create a food delivery app. You must incorporate the best elements with the help of experienced developers.

Customer Panel Features:

Registration & Login: Users should have no trouble logging in and registering on your restaurant app.

Rewards: You should use your restaurant app to provide rewards and loyalty points.

Advanced Search: Users should have no problem finding food items on your restaurant's menu.

Simple Payment Options: Users must be able to pay using various payment options.

Order Tracking: One fantastic feature of food delivery apps is the real-time tracking of orders.

Push Notifications:  Push notifications for relevant updates and deals should be sent to users.

OTP Verification: You should safeguard the login process with the OTP verification method.

Digital Wallet: You can design your digital wallet to engage customers on the restaurant app.

Live Chat Assistance: Customers can chat with their customer service representatives.

AI Recommendations: You can offer your consumers AI recommendations based on their likes and tastes.

Table Reservation:  Allow customers to reserve a table for upscale dining at your establishment.

Menu Customization:  Customers can alter their orders following their preferences and tastes.

Chatbots: To assist consumers with their problems and lighten the pressure on your customer service staff, you can add a chatbot.

Interactive Menu: With the addition of interactive components, the menu can become quite engaging.

Restaurant Panel Features 


Easy registration and login: It should be simple for restaurant managers to sign up and log in to the app.

Menu Management: Depending on supply and demand, the restaurant should be able to handle the entire menu.

User Administration: Possess total control over all users of the mobile application.

Discounts & Promotions: To captivate the audience, you should create a dedicated panel for deals and offers for your restaurant app.

Analytics & Reports: You must get essential insights from your restaurant app to make wise business decisions.

Loyalty Program: Create a loyalty program of your own to draw people to the restaurant app.

Management of Multiple Locations: You can easily manage multiple locations from a single restaurant app.

Multiple-Level Admins: The access levels for each administrator of your restaurant app are up to you.

Automated Invoice Generation: The restaurant software must be able to produce computerized invoices for your management and customers.

Accounting Panel: The admins could handle all of the app's money transactions with the help of this panel.

Marketing Tools: Additionally, you can incorporate several marketing strategies to advertise your company online.

Order Management: The restaurant could micromanage each order with the aid of this panel.

Delivery Agent Management: From a single restaurant app, you can control all of your restaurant's delivery personnel.

Waste minimization: You might track waste with this panel and improve your workflow.

Cost of Developing a Restaurant App

Many factors affect the cost of developing a restaurant app. However, creating a restaurant app with basic features typically costs more than $15,000 as the cost depends upon app complexity, platform, technology stacks, and level of customization, i.e., features, design, etc.

To Sum Up

Every major restaurant plans to hire development services to create food delivery apps free to expand their business and interact with their current clientele. Thus, before app development, you must consider these factors to decide how your restaurant app will be and what unique features you can deliver to your customers.


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