How To Build An iOS App In 6 Easy Steps

June 07 2022 - Ali Mohamed - Mobile

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Apple and the Android mobile apps industry have been thriving for years and will continue to do so. Hence, starting your career in iOS mobile development will be a great way to make headway for your business and clients.

Thus, to begin your career in this field, you must learn about app development fundamentals, such as tech stack, before learning how to make an app for your clients.

In this guide, we will understand everything about game-changing iOS app development. You might find it a daunting task to learn about something different, but it will be exciting and satisfying!

What is iOS App Development?

iOS is an operating system in which iOS mobile apps operate. The mobile apps you wil develop wil run on iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV, etc. The programming language used to develop ios apps is Swift and Objective-C.

Objective-C: It is another set of the C programming language that delivers object-oriented abilities and concentrates on code reusability.

Swift: It is a compiled, multi-paradigm, and general-purpose language developed by Apple. It is advanced, fast, easy, and demanding these days.

You can develop two types of iOS apps one is native (developed only for iOS devices) and cross platform apps (these apps work on various platforms like Android, iOS, etc.)

Basic Necessities to Design iOS Apps:

Once you set up your MAC, the next step is to register for an apple application developer account for free. Once you register successfully, you will get permission to download Xcode, iOS SDK, and various tutorials for iOS development.

After completing this, the next step is to register yourself at Apple's developer website and create an Apple ID.

It is time to install Xcode ( Xcode consists of all the tools, frameworks, SDK, and compilers to help you design UI (user interface), software development, and debugging) to develop iOS apps, as it is IDE for MAC and iOS mobile applications.

The Xcode's interface has 5 sections 

●    Editor Area
●    Navigator Area
●    Debug Area
●    Toolbar
●    Utility Area

How to Start App Development?

Before starting ios find and learn about development tools. Being an iOS app developer, learning about free development tools and their platforms is crucial.

A few of them are as follows:

●    GitHub: It's a social networking website for developers to share codes.
●    Stackoverflow: A is a forum for developers and coders
●    Bitbucket: It is the same as GitHub

How to Create an iPhone App?


Step 1: In-depth- Research

Before developing an app, the first step is in-depth research about your market, competitors, and much more.

●    iOS App Market: The Apple app store has alot of mobile apps. Thus, before starting the app development process, you must check apps developed in the business segment you are developing and look for a competitive edge and what you can do to attract customers and get enough downloads.

●    Target Audience: iOS app consumers are specific and look for apps developed using the latest features, cutting-edge design, and yet simple to use.

●    Competitors: Look for similar businesses as yours and try to analyze their mobile app to understand the weakness and strengths of their business and accordingly look for loopholes that they overlook.

Step 2: Check Mobile App Design and Development Guidelines

App Store Review Guidelines:

Safety: Before installing an app, users must feel safe. As a result, Apple has a stringent policy for terminating apps with abusive or problematic content.

Performance: Ensure that the entire version of your app is uploaded to the Apple App Store. Apple anticipates a smooth experience from the app you publish. 

Design: Apple consumers enjoy using apps that are designed innovatively and cleanly. Furthermore, it is critical to maintaining a standard while designing your app, as it is dependent on how you create a design.

Legal: Before beginning the app development process, it is critical to comply with all legal requirements.

Business: Make sure you have a firm grasp of your app's monetization strategies. Explain the business model in metadata and review notes if you're skeptical.

Avoid Common App Rejections:
Various development issues can put an app on a rejection list, such as broken links, bugs, and app crashes. Thus its your responsibility to highlight issues to safeguard your application from rejection.

Design Guidelines:

Apple has certain guidelines in terms of design that you need to consider while designing an app.

●    Clarity: Icons, text, and adornments should all work together to enhance the design's functionality.

●    Deference: It is about how you present the information. The key here is to keep your interface light and prioritize the content.

●    Depth: To provide an everlasting experience, distinct visual, tactile, and transitional elements should be carefully placed.

Step 3: App Design


In this phase, app designers will create wireframes according to your development idea, focusing on these aspects.

1. Concept and wireframing: All specifications will then be documented, and designers will begin to create wireframes that depict how the app will look.
User experience: In addition to ensuring that the app looks good, they will ensure that it is completely operational and simple to use and explore. 

2. Software architecture: To maintain the scalability and stability of your mobile application, your designers will take certain steps.

Step 4: App Development


You need to download Xcode from the MAC store to develop an app. It will take around 1 hr 20 minutes to download and install. Then the next step includes starting Xcode to set up the project. Finally, after naming the project as per your preference and selecting Objective C/Swift, you are good to go to write the code.

You must do the programming on ViewController.swift.file. Other files, like the Main.storyboard is for the user interface. You can use Xcode tools such as a source code editor and the integrated Simulator app to develop the app.

And the final step is running the app using Xcode to examine how it looks like?

Step 5: Make a Prototype


You'll need a prototype or an early sample to test your app. It can aid in creating specifications that work in a real-world setting or system. It depicts the app's user interface and describes how its flow will work. It's a great way for users to examine the design more closely, and accordingly, you can make necessary changes.

Step 6: App Testing

Once you have developed the fully-fledged mobile applications, the quality testing team will test the app to make sure there is no bug. This is a crucial step to ensure the app is fully functional and error-free.

The tester will examine the app on these factors: 

●    Enhanced security performance
●    User-friendly interface
●    Optimal memory utilization and more

After completing this process, your app is ready to be submitted to the App Store.

Key Benefits of iOS App Development

●    Budget-friendly and fast
●    Great user experience
●    High security
●    The target audience is available worldwide
●    iOS has a loyal client base

Best iOS App Development Software


Buildfire: It is a robust iOS app development software. Its dashboard is easy to use, and you can develop apps in no time.

Zoho Creator: It is a low-code software that lets you develop iOS apps swiftly and requires less effort. It allows you to take benefit of a drag-and-drop editor to create products using a single dashboard.

iBuildApp: It allows you to develop without requiring you to code. You need to select a template, make changes, and add images/text, and you are good to go.

Appy Pie: It is an easy iOS app software to develop the iOS app and is very popular among small and medium-sized businesses. You will select a design, customize it, add features, and launch it on Apple App Store.

Final Verdict:

Learning to create an iOS app is entertaining; it will take time to understand concepts as you will gradually improve and learn things. 

Developing an iOS mobile app requires alot of understanding of programming languages and tech stack. As an iOS developer is your responsibility to develop an app rom scratch. For that, you need to buy MAC and register yourself on the app development program and install Xcode. Thus, its best before starting to develop a project, you must get a proper insight into development guidelines. And in this way, you will pave the way for becoming a successful app developer.

If you are an entrepreneur and looking forward to developing an app, you can look for ios app developers.


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