7 Reasons Why Umbraco CMS is the Best for Small Business

February 09 2022 - Hassan - CMS

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Every project has its own needs and purpose that majorly influence a choice of Content Management System (CMS). A CMS is the most significant part of your online experience. It must provide powerful content production tools, greater flexibility, and smooth workflows to enhance customer journey. Umbraco, an advanced CMS, offers a variety of features.  

Here, we have cleared out the core reasons why Umbraco CMS is the best. 

What is Umbraco?

Umbraco CMS offers cloud hosting for Ecommerce platforms for users who don't wish to put effort into developing and scanning personal websites. It's a prominent, powerful, adaptable, and extensible content management system. Hence, it can simply handle almost everything from basic web pages to refined applications.  

Reasons why Umbraco is the best CMS?  

Below are the top reasons for using Umbraco CMS for your content management systems: 

1. Proper Customization 

Umbraco can meet all your design and branding requirements. However, it is an open-source CMS; hence its source code is readily available for any changes by your web developer's team. With Umbraco, it turns simple to create the content and functionality experience your website needs. It brings you a bunch of skins and themes from which to pick. There, you just need to choose a template that fits your requirements and go straight to the editing job. 

2. Created on Microsoft.NET Framework 

Umbraco CMS is built on the ASP.NET foundation. So it will get easy for you to turn anything like tiny brochures into hefty apps employing Umbraco's feature-rich space and a host of extra tools. Users will experience a great comfort level with Umbraco CMS when designing and customizing web pages. Moreover, Umbraco is fully compatible with Microsoft technologies and can operate many libraries. You can quickly implement any business need in a realistic timescale.  

3. Various Options for Tools and Hosting 

You can choose your preferred tool, and if you use VSCode, just use IntelliSense in your Umbraco projects. With Umbraco 9, Rider and Visual Studio options can be easily used. In addition, you can use the SaaS platform Umbraco Cloud when it comes to hosting alternatives. It was developed as an ideal location for Umbraco websites and is very adaptable. But, if you need some other hosting, Umbraco 9 and .NET 5 present a broad range of options like dedicated hosting, shared hosting, on-premises hosting, etc.  

4. Headless CMS 

Being the fresh trend in Content Management Systems, headless CMS helps you to develop a modular and scalable content distribution system. Umbraco CMS can operate both ways as headless and a monolith CMS. It mainly permits you to control many platforms and websites with similar clarity as removing or adding any data you want. A headless CMS does not show pages by itself, and it mainly provides data through a REST API. Therefore, it permits its users to consume, render, and employ it to meet their needs. 

5. Future-Proof Software  

Umbraco CMS is very simple to learn and operate and is known for its flexibility and developer-friendly environment. Working on Umbraco 9 is a complete joy if you are a developer. There are different improvements in the version of the standard APIs and services, and the fresh .NET 5 best ones include Hosted Services, MSDI, .NET CLI, etc.  

6. Selected by Corporations  

Umbraco CMS is built on Microsoft's .NET framework, and several giant companies use it like Avon, Vogue, Sony, Warner Brothers, etc. The client base of Umbraco is gradually increasing and it's cutting the niche as more scalable, secure, and adaptable.  

7. Easy to Integrate with Different Platforms 

The latest CMS must be compatible with many software's, and Umbraco can perform it well, including: 

  • CRM platforms are mainly used to manage customer relationships like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, etc.
  • Statistic tools are employed for collecting important information related to online traffic and website visitors' analysis like Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, etc.
  • Payment Gateways are employed for secure payment websites and make transactions like PayU and PayPal.
  • ERP systems are basically for operating internal activities like payroll, accounting, and invoicing. Examples are Oracle E-Business Suite, SAP Business One.

When should you use Umbraco? 

Umbraco CMS has a powerful base for advanced applications. If you can take benefit from company-level software development frameworks and tools in your business model, then Umbraco CMS is the option for you. The following are the cases where you would gain something from Umbraco.  

1. Big access to .NET resources 

It's a plus point to use Umbraco when you have a .NET team with you or an existing .NET app. Umbraco's work is somewhat similar to the basic .NET project, so you can easily import existing .NET libraries.  

2. Roles and users have difficult definitions 

If you need multiple admin roles in your project to operate content, then Umbraco CMS is your go-to choice. This is why roles and users can be easily set up for tiny access to features and pages.   

3. Need for Multilingual support 

You will find multiple languages easily with Umbraco CMS. It has a basic multilingual UI with translation powers. 

To Sum Up 

When its the matter of content management and web development, having a functional CMS by your side helps a lot. It basically permits you to create whatever you think pay dividends. Major web development companies robustly recommend you to use Umbraco whether you are making a new website or shifting to a fresh CMS. Suppose you wish to make a website with a long content database, e-commerce, marketing and promotion tools, user-generated material, and those with a big event and transactions volume like gaming sites. We suggest Umbraco is the best in this circumstance.  


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