BLEND Smart Switch (2 way)

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Ltech Pro Product

BLEND Smart Switch (2 way)

Replace your traditional switch to the smart one and make the lights freely controlled

The LifeSmart BLEND Smart Switch replaces your normal switch with smart home technology to make your life easier. You have infinite control possibilities combined with the LifeSmart Smart Station and the free LifeSmart App. In addition to traditional switch control of your lights and switched outlets, you can choose combination controls over your LifeSmart Smart Home products. For example, with one button, you can turn on your television, stereo, air conditioner, space heater, and coffee maker individually or all at once, even across the house.
Preparing and installing the smart light switch



  • Customized 16 million colors panel light

  • Dual control, multiple control

  • Simple modern design

Product Specifications

Model Number LS056WH/BL/GD/GR
Operating Temperature -5~45℃
Operating Humidity 5~90%
Power Consumption Static Consumption : <1.5W
Indicator 16Million colors, brightness adjusted
Power Supply AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Wiring Live+nuetral
Control Unit 16A magnetic latching relay
Maximum Overload Resistive load: 500W per channel Inductive/Capacitive load:200W per channel DC load: 30V/5A
Color White / Black / Golden / Grey
Dimension 86*86*36.5mm
Weight 110g
Casing ABS+ PC
Radio Protocol CoSS
Signal Range (Open Field) 200m