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LTech Pro is an IT services company that brings the experience to the table since 2017. We are also a Microsoft and Kentico Gold partner, which gives us a competitive edge. We have been working with various Saudi Arabian clients and have clientele located globally. Our team at LTech Pro has had extensive experience handling clients and their changing requirements. This makes us one of the top IT services providers in Saudi Arabia. Over the years, we have grown to provide many services in the IT domain while working in tandem with the growing market.

Who are we?

We are an IT Service Provider based in Saudi Arabia and offer a golden experience since 2017 in the domain. With the kind of quality we offer, we have been able to become a Microsoft and Kentico Gold Partner.

Why trust us?

We have worked with various clients in Saudi Arabia and on a global level. You can take a look at the testimonials our clients provide on a regular basis. This makes us a strong player in the IT service domain.

How do we do?

We believe in offering a dedicated approach and services mastered to perfection. Our team ensures that we have offered more than what the client expects from us. We believe in overdoing everything.


Our Solutions to your Imaginations

Content Management System

We develop the CMS platform, everyone is writing on so that you can bring out the best writing piece on a fully functional CMS platform. From offering the flexibility of publishing schedules & changing the theme of the platform, we take care of all requirements.

Web Development Company

Website is something that users see first before they decide to invest in your product or service. Our web services include design, development, testing, support & maintenance so that the users on a global level recognize you even after years.

Cloud App Development Services

We work hard to offer the best cloud services and help you leverage cloud services offered by Azure and AWS. Our Cloud team ensures that you get the best solution possible that aligns with your requirements. We help you to incorporate efficient, robust, scalable and secure solutions for your business.

Mobile App Development

As customers become increasingly connected with businesses via smartphones, every business needs a mobile app to reach mobile users. We help you develop apps compatible with all the major platforms. Not only this, we make sure that the apps are intuitive, secure & responsive.

Robotic Process Automation

Automation is the future and we help you bring the future to the present. With our RPA services, we analyze the internal processes where RPA development and implementation are possible. This way, we help you implement the automation so that the repetitive tasks take care of themselves.

UI/UX Design Services

A good user interface and a great user experience are the keys to offering winning digital solutions. Keeping this in mind, we offer UI/UX design services to ensure that the apps we develop for you offer the right experience. We address the pain points and put up intuitive designs for the users you want to target.

IoT Services

Our IoT services ensure that we encompass everything from consultation, to development up till the management of the app. We optimize & automate the workflow with our IoT solutions.

Management & Admin

Give us a chance to show how to handle data security, backup cloud, hosting, azure stack, and other solutions. We will help you increase productivity and performance efficiency as far as possible.

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Our Solution to your Imaginations

ltech team

Ali Mohamed


ltech team

Hadeyah Ali

Vice President

ltech team

Hassan Alzaidany

Sales Manager

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Our Solution to your Imaginations

Kentico Gold Partner
Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft and Kentico our technology partner and we work in tandem with their products and their offerings.

Clients We Work With

We are proud of our partnerships with some of Saudi Arabia's most prestigious, largest, and successful organizations.

Arabic Story
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Tourism
Saudi Red

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